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Flavours and Mixes

The www.shishahire.co.uk indicates our most popular flavors.

Flavors & Mixing Suggestions

Flavor Type Description
Apple Fruit Single red apple flavour, makes a change from double apple.
Apricot Fruit Apricot flavour, just like it's name.
Aniseed Spice Smells and tastes similar to black licorice; it is the main flavor in Absinthe.
Banana Fruit This one tastes just like its name.
Blackberry Fruit A berry flavor that is both sweet and tangy.
Black Licorice Candy Savor the flavor of a familiar childhood treat!  If you like Black Licorice, you may also enjoy Aniseed, Double Apple, Golden Amber, and Silver Fox.
Blueberry www.shishahire.co.uk Berry

The familiar fruit that we see in pancakes and cereal. 

Mixes well with Mint and Pudina for a cool minty aftertaste, or with Vanilla for a delicious Blueberries & Cream taste!

Bombay Pan Masala www.shishahire.co.uk Spice A delightful blend of Indian herbs and spices traditionally used as a breath freshener.  Included in the mix are clove, rose, mint,  betelnut, cardamom, lime, and capsicum.  The scent will remind you of incense, and the taste will transport you to Nirvana!
Bubble Gum Candy This one tastes just like its name.
Cardmon Spice This one tastes just like its name.
Cherry www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit If you like red cherrys then this is the one for you.
Chocolate Candy Thick Chocolate tast, hmmm, lovley.
Chocomint Candy If you like peppermint patties or other types of chocolate mint candies, you'll enjoy this flavor!
Cinnamon Spice The most famous baking spice tastes great in shisha!
Coconut Fruit

Take a trip to a tropical island with this delicious flavor!

Mixes well with Pineapple, Mango, and Sweet Lime.

Coffee Spice

Enjoy the aroma and taste of a cup of freshly brewed coffee without worrying about the effects of caffeine!

Mixes well with Vanilla.  To create some flavorful combos, try mixing Coffee with Chocomint and Vanilla, Orange and Vanilla, or Raspberry and Vanilla.

Cola Candy

Just like Coca Cola, and even better if you put cola in the base.

Double Apple www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit

This exotic blend of sweet apple with a hint of Aniseed is, hands down, the most popular shisha flavor in the world.

Mixes well with Mint or Pudia.

Golden Amber Apple Fruit Single apple flavour with a hint of aniseed.
Grape Fruit Sweet purple grapes for the hookah!
Honey Sweet This one tastes just like its name.
Lime and Lemon Fruit This one tastes just like its name.
Lychee Fruit The lychee is a fruit indigenous to China but grown throughout Asia.  Once the bumpy rind on the outside is peeled away, you'll find a pearly white juice-filled fruit roughly the size of an apricot.  The taste is sweet, cool, and crisp.
Mango www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit This one tastes just like its name.
Mint www.shishahire.co.uk Sweet This one tastes just like its name.
Mintos www.shishahire.co.uk Sweet This one tastes just like its name.
Mixed Fruit www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit This one tastes just like its name.
Orange Citrus

Sweet and tangy citrus taste with a fantastic aroma!

Mixes well with Lemon-Lime, Mint, Pineapple, Pudina, and Vanilla.

Pan Rasna  www.shishahire.co.uk Floral, Fruit Pan Rasna is a unique blend of pomegranate, rose, and cherry with a very subtle hint of mint.  Like nothing you've ever tasted before!  If you like rose, you'll love Pan Rasna.
Peach Fruit This one tastes just like its name.
Pina Colada www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit

If tropical flavors are what you like, then you have to try this one!  A mouth-watering blend of coconut and pineapple in just the right amounts to transport you off to a tropical island.

Mixes well with Lemon-Lime, Mint, Orange, and Pudina. 

Pineapple Fruit

Juicy, sweet, and tangy tropical fruits don't get any better than pineapple!

Mixes well with Coconut, Mango, Mint, Peach, Pina Colada, Pudina, Raspberry, and Strawberry.

Pudina Sweet This is like Spearmint flavour, it's very nice, i like this a lot.
Raspberry www.shishahire.co.uk Berry

Tart yet sweet berry flavor.

Mixes well with other berries, Mint, Pudina, and Vanilla.

Rooh Afza Cool www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit, Citrus, Floral A popular natural cold drink made in India and Pakistan, Rooh Afza is made from the extracts of citrus flowers, rose, and fruits.  The taste is citrus with an undertone of Rose.
Rose Flower This has a strong, distinctive aroma that is hard to describe but is generally reminiscent of Turkish delight, passionfruit, and strawberries, with an inoffensive acidity and a fragrance reminiscent of rose petals.
Silver Fox Apple Fruit Single apple flavour with a hint of aniseed
Spearmint Sweet spearmint flavour, just like it says
Strawberry www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit Fantastic flavour just like strawberrys.
Sweet Lime Citrus This fruit is also known as the Palestine Lime or Indian Sweet Lime.  It is an almost acidless citrus fruit best known in its native India and the Middle East.  Because it lacks the acid associated with most citrus fruits, it is called "sweet"; however, that same missing acid makes it an acquired taste for those unfamiliar with it.
Sweet Melon www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit

Sweet Melon, very nice :).

Vanilla www.shishahire.co.uk Spice

Vanilla is a flavor derived from an orchid plant that is native to Mexico.  Valued for its sweet flavor and scent, vanilla is a great flavor on its own or mixed with others.

Mixes well with most fruit flavors, but is especially good with berry flavors.

Water Melon Fruit Same as water melon, nice refreshing flavour.
White Grape  www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit White grapes are actually green in color and derived from red grapes.  With their soft, sweet, fruity flavor, they make for a great tasting shisha.