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Electronic Shisha pipe Setup

Unpacking and correct use of your shisha pipes - Word Document HERE

Thank you for hiring the electronic shisha pipes with Shishahire.co.uk.
Electronic bowl information at HERE
Electronic E-Flavours at HERE

Your pipes will be delivered in an Aluminium Flight Case (850x295x270mm) by our courier before your party date and will be collected next working day. So if your party is on Saturday the courier will deliver Friday and collect Monday. Please be available to accept the package as we do not take responsibility for unaccepted items.

Inside the flight case you will find 5 shisha pipe glass bases, 5 shisha pipe stems, 5 shisha pipe trays, 5 shisha pipe hoses, 1 bag of mouth tips, 5 e-flavours, 5 electronic bowls (each bowl has 2 e-flavour cartridges), one  charger. If you can remember to pack the items in the same location after your event has finished this then stops any breakages and allows a full return of your deposit.

A very important point when using a shisha pipe, always suck on the mouth tip at the end of the hose, NEVER blow down the hose. Blowing down the hose could send the water that’s in the bottom of the shisha pipe up to the electronic bowl and could destroy the bowl. If this happens there will be an electronic bowl replacement charge which is £89.

Setting up the electronic shisha pipes.

Fill cold water into the glass vase, so that the hookah stem when fitted is approximately two inches into the water.

If desired fill the vase of the hookah with ice cubes as well. Although hookah smoke, properly drawn, is not harsh at all, a nice cool temperature will make it even more pleasurable.


Insert the hookah stem into the glass base.


Make sure the fit is airtight. Wetting the black rubber and rotating the pipe when fitting normally helps.


If the fit isn't airtight, you won't get a good pull on the hookah smoke, and it will come out thin and diluted.

Position the metal tray on top of the hookah stem.


This tray normally catches hot embers and excess tobacco if and when they fall.


Naturally you are using an electronic bowl so this is just for decoration but can be used to store mouth tips.

Place the hose end (tapered end of the hose, not the end that you fit mouth tips too) into the hose port with a rubber stopper on the hookah stem.




Check the air flow by placing your hand on top of the hookah stem and sucking through the hose.


You should be getting enough air in your lungs and produce plenty of bubbles in the vase.

Put the electronic bowl on top of the hookah stem.

Inhale into the hose by sucking in. The hookah will take a few minutes to start. Enjoy!