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The www.shishahire.co.uk indicates our most popular flavors.

Electronic Flavors & Mixing Suggestions

Flavor Type Description
Caribbean Twist Fruit Pineapple, Coconut and Lime
Chocolate Caramel Candy Everyone likes Chocolate with Caramel.
Cherry Blossom Fruit Cherry flavour, just like it's name.
Cotton Candy Candy Tastes just like candy floss
Double Apple www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit

This exotic blend of sweet apple with a hint of Aniseed is, hands down, the most popular shisha flavor in the world.

Mixes well with Menthol

Energy Cow Candy Red bull flavour, hmmmm lovley
Menthol www.shishahire.co.uk Sweet This one tastes just like its name.
Tobacco www.shishahire.co.uk   This one tastes just like its name.
Toro Rouge www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit Strawberry.
Raspberry Menthol Fruit

This is really nice.

Sweet Lime Citrus This fruit is also known as the Palestine Lime or Indian Sweet Lime.  It is an almost acidless citrus fruit best known in its native India and the Middle East.  Because it lacks the acid associated with most citrus fruits, it is called "sweet"; however, that same missing acid makes it an acquired taste for those unfamiliar with it.
Sweet Melon www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit

Sweet Melon, very nice :).

Vanilla www.shishahire.co.uk Spice

Vanilla is a flavor derived from an orchid plant that is native to Mexico.  Valued for its sweet flavor and scent, vanilla is a great flavor on its own or mixed with others.

Mixes well with most fruit flavors, but is especially good with berry flavors.

Water Melon Fruit Same as water melon, nice refreshing flavour.
White Grape  www.shishahire.co.uk Fruit White grapes are actually green in color and derived from red grapes.  With their soft, sweet, fruity flavor, they make for a great tasting shisha.



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