Trifecta Tobacco Has Arrived!

This American made tobacco has deep flavor profiles and smokes fantastically. First time smoking with Trifecta tobacco you’ll notice they’ve got both blonde and dark leaf tobacco to be enjoyed by all. Their blonde leaf has a thicker cut to it so prepare to fluff pack it lightly. Trifecta tobacco is made with honey, molasses, glycerine, and natural flavouring giving you a very natural smoking experience and in addition to that they’ve got flavors exclusive to their blonde line only. We also have Trifecta Dark Leaf for all your smoking needs.

More Tangiers Flavors!

Like the art of growing the Bonsai tree, getting Tangiers Hookah Tobacco to smoke perfectly takes patience and craftiness. Even though one customer left a review calling it a “man’s shisha,” with the proper preparation and heat maintenance, Tangiers can be enjoyed by adults of any gender! The hookah community is full of people…

“Hookah was amazing with hot tea! Definitely coming back.”Michael Rose