What do I need to enjoy my first hookah?

A small digression on the basic equipment for smoking hookah

Opinions about what is necessary in the initial equipment for starting to smoke hookah diversify a little bit, depending on who you ask. But there are some basic items, without which an entry into the hobby and the joy of smoking waterpipes cannot be successful.
We tried to list the necessary equipment, that especially newcomers should not miss.

1. The most important thing: A good hookahA Kaya Shisha Basic model as well as a Kaya Shisha 635

A solid hookah is the centrepiece of every setup. Therefore you need to pay attention on whether it is delivered with or without accessories. Basic models for example comprise often only half of the needed parts.
To start smoking immediately, the scope of delivery of your waterpipe should contain:

  • Tobacco bowl
  • Ash plate
  • Hose with mouthpiece

2. Suitable hookah tobacco

We’re almost solely offering ready-to-smoke flavored tobacco with the required percentage of moisture for being smoked in hookahs.
Otherwise you additionally need to add molasses or glycerine to dampen the tobacco. If it is too dry when you start smoking, taste and smoke development could decrease drastically.
If you want to enjoy nicotine-free smoke, you can also use steam pastes or Shiazo stones as an alternative to tobacco.

3. Aluminium foil, resp. Chimney bowl

Clamp the foil over the filled tobacco cup. Then pierce the foil to make it have some holes. Put the hookah charcoal on the penetrated foil afterwards.
With a so-called chimney bowl, it is even easier. You just put it on top of the filled tobacco bowl. Then you position the glowing coal into it and you can start enjoying.

4. Hookah charcoal

Here you have the choice between natural charcoal and quick lighting coal (QL). We recommend the use of natural coal made from coconut shells. It glows long and hotter than QL coal and it almost doesn’t have a particular flavor at all, so the taste of the tobacco can evolve greatly.

5. Coal lighters

It is necessary to put the charcoal on the foil, resp. in the chimney bowl on top of the tobacco, when it’s at red heat. To make it so, you should use a coal lighter, letting the pieces of coal burn out on the heating coil.
Examples for additional hookah equipment parts

6. Coal tongs

Of course, it is impossible to touch the hot glowing cubes of coal to put them on to the foil. That’s why you need coal tongs.

7. Coal basket

To transport or to store the burning hot coal you will need a coal basket, which cannot catch fire. It should be made of metal, for example.

8. Cleaning brush

When enjoying the hookah is over, you should clean it thoroughly due to hygienic reasons. To do so, it has to be dismounted completely. An elongate, thin cleaning brush, fitting the down tube and shaft of the hookah, can remove stains and residues. All piece parts of the hookah should be additionally rinsed with lukewarm water and  – to make it really good –  our special hookah cleaner „TipTop“ by Kaya-Shisha.

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