Type of shisha is pretty varied. So, it is not only vapes or pipes that come with a lot of various types, but shisha too.

Just like vapes, shisha also has other various flavors. But most of them are fruit flavors, such as apples, oranges, strawberries, and many more.

If you want to know more about various types of hookah, here they are.

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Anodised Aluminium Shisha

It can be said that anodised aluminium shisha is the most popular shisha type in North America. Unfortunately, its popularity is opposite its quality. This kind of shisha is considered to be a bad-quality shisha.

Anodised aluminium shisha is produced with parts which easily corrode and break down. You are able to recognise this kind of hookah by looking at its coloured system. A high-quality hookah has a natural colour of the material used.

And no metal material that has a pink or red colour. Anodised aluminium shisha is so lightweight as well. Moreover, it tastes like plastic.

Egyptian Shisha
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Egyptian Shisha

The next is the Egyptian shisha. It is said that Egyptian shisha is more traditional than today’s shisha. The characteristic of this kind of shisha is it has a slim and tall stem.

Egyptian shisha is available in single metal and multi-metal types. It is usually made from stainless steel material, copper material, and brass material. Some popular Egyptian shisha brands are including Temsah Wheat, Magdy Zidan, and Khalil Mamoon.

Different from modern shisha that is manufactured with machines, Egyptian shisha is handmade. So, it usually has visible weld spots. So, do not expect to have a spotless and smooth Egyptian shisha.

Modern Shisha

Modern shisha is also known as mod shisha. Just like anodised aluminium shisha, modern shisha is mass-produced. It is usually manufactured in China.

The most popular brand of modern shisha is named Mya Saray. You are able to get Mya Saray shisha for £25 to thousand pounds.

This kind of shisha is generally made from brass cores. Moreover, modern shisha is possible to be very heavy.

Phunnel Shisha

The bowl of phunnel shisha does not have a hole at its bottom part. Instead, the hole is in the middle of the bowl.

And because of the hole in the middle of the bowl, the charcoals and foil are placed far from shisha tobacco. It also causes the shisha juices to last longer.

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